Akasha Agency has been working together with Helioz, the inventors of WADI, since 2013. It has provided services in market entry strategy formulation, funding procurement, project management and business model generation.

WADI is a solar powered UV measurement device that visualizes the process of solar water disinfection (SODIS) and is endorsed by the WHO. It revolutionizes the way clean water is obtained, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the households, schools and communities of populations vulnerable to waterborne diseases. At the same time it also makes a positive contribution towards the reduction of CO2 emissions, as the most common way to disinfect water continues to be boiling, using wood or gas. 

WADI Projects are currently being implemented in Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh and comprise traditional donor based financing models, CO2 offsetting financing models and social enterprise distribution models to bridge the gap of the last mile to BoP consumers.